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Mr. Heiner HandschinChair: Mr. Heiner W. Handschin, Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation - Europe Region II.

Chair: Professor Adrian Holderegger, Department Ethics and Moral Theology, University of Fribourg Switzerland.
Professor Holderegger studied Roman Catholic theology, philosophy and psychology in Freiburg, Basel and Tubingen and received his doctorate in 1977. After receiving his accreditation in moral theology, in 1979/80 he worked as a visiting professor of theological ethics, with particular emphasis on the social sciences at the University of Tubingen. Since 1981 he is professor of theological ethics at the University of Fribourg. Professor Holderegger is the editor of a series of studies on theological ethics. He is a member of the ethics committee for biomedical research projects in the canton of Fribourg. He is a member of the International Society of moral theology and social ethics and the European Society for Research in Ethics, Societas Ethica. He also is a trustee of the "European Academy of Sciences and Arts." His research focus is in biomedical ethics. He is also one of the founding members and on the board of directors of the Fribourg Peace Forum, co-sponsor of this conference.

Dr. Jesus DomingoChair: Minister Gary Domingo, Mission of Philippines.
Dr. Domingo is Minister of Disarmament and Humanitarian Affairs at the Permanent Mission of Philippines to the United Nations and co-founder of the Geneva Interfaith Intercultural Alliance (GIIA). He was appointed as the chairman of the Group of Government Experts (GGE) of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in 2010, due to his extensive background in disarmament, humanitarian and security affairs, dating from his stint in the UN Philippine Mission to New York in the 1990s, service with the Department’s Office of UN and Other International Organizations (UNIO) from 2002-2006, and active participation in the work of the UN disarmament community in Geneva since 2007.

Professor Richard FriedliChair: Prof. Richard Friedli, Prof. Emeritus, Department of Science of Religion, University of Fribourg – Switzerland.
Professor Emeritus for Religious Science at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Richard Friedli has experience in teaching and practice in many countries around the world, with special focus on Africa. He is engaged in interreligious dialogue and is member of various working groups and expert commissions in his area of work. His research and practice include particularly the relations between religion and culture and tensions between them in conflicts.

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