1) GIIA Seminar (GIIAS)

The GIIAS is the flagship program of the GIIA. It is a 12 hour/ 2 day seminar including an overview of the IIF initiative, comparative study of relevant aspects of the world ’s faiths, a review of practical problems confronting interfaith cooperation, other relevant topics and an “immersion” with local faith communities. Speakers and resource persons will include diplomatic/NGO/ interfaith experts. Participants will include a mix of representatives from among the various stakeholders.
Graduates will then be recognized as “GIIA Ambassadors”, linked to the worldwide UPF “Ambassadors for Peace” movement. GIIA will then conduct a program of continuing education and recruitment of peers for subsequent seminars, formulate and execute relevant local projects/ activities that promote interfaith cooperation and present themselves as GIIA resource persons for their local community.

2)   GIIA Youth Seminar (GIIAYS)

The GIIAYS is a special version of the GIIAS tailored to the youth sector with an
aim to prevent future inter-religious, inter-cultural misunderstandings by building friendship and solidarity. GIIAYS graduates will be recognized as “GIIA Youth Ambassadors”

3)   Model UN Youth Interfaith Council (MUNIFC)

The MUNIFC is a student “Model UN” simulation of a diplomatic conference of a hypothetical “Inter-faith Council” as a new UN organ or high-level body. It will be held annually in Geneva, possibly on two levels- university and secondary school, and jointly organized by the GIIA/GIIYA and UPF and possibly UN- missions.
It may also be held in other cities where there is an GIIA Corps.
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