GIIA Vision

Ambassador Makarim Wibisono - Founding Chairman To be an innovative international multi-stakeholder initiative bringing interfaith and intercultural dialogue and co-operation to the practical “grassroots” level in order to prevent enmity through understanding, solidarity and trust.



  1. To develop a corps of “GIIA Ambassadors” among both diplomats and local stakeholders through education and training activities and establish a corps of “GIIA Youth Interfaith Ambassadors” building upon the well known UPF “Ambassadors for Peace” model.
  2. To network interfaith stakeholders: members of the diplomatic community, faith-based /religious bodies, government, civil society, etc. for the practical advancement of interfaith dialogue and cooperation, particularly to the local community.
  3. To organize interfaith education and interaction activities particularly for local government,  primary faith-based communities (ie, parishes, congregations, mosques, temples, etc), immigrant communities, NGO ’s and the youth sector.
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